Instructions for Speakers at APS April Meeting 2011

For Uploading Talks




1. To upload the talks please go to


2. Click on Timetable of Online Talks or List of Online Talks 

and find your talk. 


3. Click on your talk. You will see the information that is publicly available about your talk in the Indico system.  


4. Click on the login button in the upper right corner of the website. Please login with 


username:      apsspeaker

password:      april2011


5. Click on manage material


6. Use the pull down menus, browse, and submit buttons to either Add New Material

or review and possibly delete the materials you already posted. You can delete, revise, and re-post any materials for your talk. In addition to posting slides, other information such as URLs, papers, and other documents can be posted. 


7. And please follow the link from the sidebar to provide us with Your Feedback

on the posting of online talks for APS meetings. 


This information is also available online. Please follow the link from the sidebar to Instructions for Speakers 


Please ensure that your posted talk and the materials used in your talk do not violate any copyrights!


For further information contact:


            Karsten Heeger,

Chair, APS Committee on International Scientific Affairs (CISA)