24-27 May 2021
America/Chicago timezone

Evolution of the CMS Submission Infrastructure to Support Heterogeneous Resources

25 May 2021, 13:40



Marco Mascheroni (CERN)


The landscape of computing power available for the CMS experiment is already evolving from almost exclusively x86 processors, predominantly deployed at WLCG sites, towards a more diverse mixture of Grid, HPC and Cloud facilities, incorporating a higher fraction of non-CPU components, such as GPUs. The CMS Global Pool is consequently adapting to the heterogeneous resource scenario, aiming at making the new resource types available to CMS. An optimal level of granularity in their description and matchmaking strategy will be essential in order to ensure efficient allocation and matchmaking to CMS workflows. Current uncertainties involve what types of resources will be available in the future, how to prioritize diverse workflows to those diverse types, and how to deal with a diversity of policy preferences by the resource providers. This contribution will describe the present capabilities of the CMS Submission Infrastructure and its critical dependencies on the underlying tools (such as HTCondor and GlideinWMS), along with its necessary evolution towards a full integration and support of heterogeneous resources according to the CMS needs.

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