August 29, 2022 to September 4, 2022
America/New_York timezone

Simulating and constraining dark neutrino sectors

Sep 1, 2022, 2:00 PM
Palm Ballroom 1

Palm Ballroom 1

Parallel session talk Neutrino Masses and Neutrino Mixing Nu: Neutrino Masses and Neutrino Mixing


Matheus Hostert (Perimeter Institute)


This talk will cover some recent progress on simulating and constraining MeV-scale heavy neutral leptons at neutrino experiments. I will introduce DarkNews, a fast simulation tool for generating dilepton and single photon events in accelerator neutrino experiments, and present new limits derived from the T2K near detector using a novel method to sample multi-dimensional parameter spaces.

Primary author

Matheus Hostert (Perimeter Institute)

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