August 29, 2022 to September 4, 2022
America/New_York timezone

Plenary Program

Tuesday Morning August 30th

Precision Higgs and other Electroweak Measurements from the LHC.  Keti Kaadze (KSU)

The W mass.  Asutosh Kotwal (Duke)

Muon g-2.  Martin Fertl (Mainz)

New results of Beauty, Charm, and taus from Belle II.  Soeren Prell (Iowa State)

Interpreting Flavor Physics and Electroweak Puzzles.  Wolfgang Altmannshofer (UCSC)

JLab Results on 3H, 3He, and 48Ca.  Shujie Li (LBL)

3D Imaging of Nucleons and Nuclei.  Andreas Metz (Temple)      

Wednesday Morning August 31st

UCNtau results. Robert Pattie (East Tennessee State)

Neutron EDM results.  Georg Bison (PSI)

Final results from Borexino.  Andrea Pocar (UMass)

Large-Scale Structure with the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI):  Status and Early Results. Kyle Dawson (Utah)

BICEP 3 Results.  Zeesh Amed (SLAC)

Current Results from the Dark Energy Survey.  Douglas Tucker (Fermilab)

21cm and Physics on the Dark Side of the Moon.  Kaja Rotermund (LBL)

Thursday Morning September 1st

Precise lattice calculations for neutrino scattering.  Michael Wagman (Fermilab)

The BEST anomaly and other short-baseline hints of new neutrino physics.  Ralf Massarczyk (LANL)

First Results from Gd Running in SuperKamiokande.  Michael Smy (UCI)

LIGO’s Latest Results and Prospects for the Next Run.  Imre Bartos (Florida)

Equation of State of Neutron-Rich Matter and Relevance for Neutron Stars. Christian Drischler (FRIB / MSU)

PREX/CREX Results and Prospects.  Juliette Mammei (Manitoba)

Mergers, kilonove, and two-solar-mass neutron stars:  What does astrophysics tell us about the Nuclear EoS?  Ben Margalit(Berkeley)

Friday Morning September 2nd

Status and Prospects with FRIB.  Brad Sherrill (MSU)

Nuclear Structure at the Extremes of Isospin.  Heather Crawford (LBL)

Fundamental Physics Research with Radioactive Molecules.  Ronald Garcia Ruiz (MIT)

Saturday Morning September 3rd

Spectroscopy highlights from around the world.  Matt Shepherd (Indiana)

J/psi Production at Threshold.  Sylvester Joosten (Argonne)

First Results from the MAJORANA Demonstrator.  Walter Pettus (Indiana)

New dark matter results from Xenon experiments.  Scott Hertel (UMass)

Axion Dark Matter.  Pierre Sikivie (Florida)

Using effective field theory to tie together low- and high-energy searches for new physics.  Emanuele Mereghetti (LANL)

Physics Prospects of future High Energy Machines. Patrick Meade (Stony Brook)

Sunday Morning September 4th

Physics at High Energies      TBC

Precision Physics at High Intensities  TBC

Cosmic Physics and Dark Energy, Inflation, and Strong-Field Gravity TBC

Neutrino Masses and Neutrino Mixing  TBC

Tests of Symmetries and the Electroweak Interaction  TBC

Dark Matter TBC

Particle and Nuclear Astrophysics  TBC

Heavy Flavors and the CKM Matrix  TBC

QCD, Hadron Spectroscopy, and Exotics  TBC

Parton and Gluon Distributions in Nucleons and Nuclei  TBC

Nuclear Forces and Structure, NN Correlations, and Medium Effects

Quark Matter and High Energy Heavy Ion Collisions  TBC