APS April 2011 Meeting - Selected Talks

Anaheim, CA, USA

Anaheim, CA, USA

Welcome to the online presentation archive for selected presentations from the APS April Meeting, 2011. This is a trial program organized and supported by the APS Committee of International Scientific Affairs (CISA) on behalf of the APS. Authors and speakers assume all responsibilities including copyright issues for materials posted online. For further information please contact Karsten Heeger (heeger@wisc.edu), Chair of APS CISA. The American Physical Society is working to better serve those members who cannot travel to APS meetings, especially those living outside of the United States (nearly 25% of the non-student members). Consequently, we are exploring options for increasing online access to speakers’ presentations at the Society’s meetings. At the 2011 April Meeting in Anaheim, the Society will conduct a trial of the usefulness and acceptance of online presentations from a broad cross-section of plenary, scientific and general-interest sessions. We will provide online access to the slide presentations from a small selection of sessions during the April Meeting that we believe would appeal to a diverse audience and represent a wide range of interests. The information and statistics gathered in this test trial will be used to guide the long-term planning for providing online access to future APS meetings.