2013 US LHC Users Organization Annual Meeting

Harvey Newman (Caltech)
We are looking forward to an exciting meeting, with a vast range of results on the Higgs boson discovery as well as the wide-ranging search for new physics and groundbreaking results on flavor physics and heavy ion physics from LHC Run 1. We will also hear of the preparations and exciting prospects for the next LHC run at higher energies, along with the well-advanced installations and longer term plans and developments for the LHC accelerator and detector upgrades. With the July 2012 discovery, and the fact that we have so far not found the physics beyond the Standard Model that may lie just over the horizon, this is a time of great anticipation in our field. Our annual meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for the members of our community, especially the younger members, to come and present and discuss their work. This will be complemented by status and physics highlights talks from each of the LHC experiments, the LHC accelerator team, and LARP, the view from Washington by representatives of the DOE and NSF, and a review and discussion of this year's trip to Washington together with Fermilab UEC and SLUO. We will also present the status of the transition of US LUO to the US LHC Users Association based in DC, hosted by URA. There will be a review of Snowmass on the Mississippi,a comprehensive study and discussion of the future plans, visions and challenges our field faces. File Upload Key for Indico: USLUO-Madison
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  • Abid Patwa
  • Adam Davis
  • Ajit Mohapatra
  • Al Goshaw
  • Alexander Gude
  • Alexander Mott
  • Alexander Paramonov
  • Alexey Ferapontov
  • Andrew Hard
  • Anton Kravchenko
  • Artur Apresyan
  • Beate Heinemann
  • Benjamin Auerbach
  • Boleslaw Wyslouch
  • Caroline Milstene
  • Christian Contreras-Campana
  • Christopher Lester
  • Christos Hadjivasiliou
  • Daniel Noonan
  • Darin Acosta
  • David Sperka
  • Devin Taylor
  • Duncan Carlsmith
  • Duong Nguyen
  • Eric Appelt
  • Frank Petriello
  • Gala Nicolas Kaufman
  • Giorgio Apollinari
  • Harisankar Namasivayam
  • Harvey Newman
  • Ho Ling Li
  • Inga Bucinskaite
  • Isobel Ojalvo
  • James Proudfoot
  • James Sowinski
  • Jane Nachtman
  • Jia Fu Low
  • Jonathan Asaadi
  • Joshua Thompson
  • Kai Yi
  • Larry Nodulman
  • Leonard Apanasevich
  • Marc Weinberg
  • marina artuso
  • Massimo Giovannozzi
  • Matthew Herndon
  • Michael Albrow
  • Michael Schmitt
  • Michael Tuts
  • Nate Woods
  • Pingchuan Zhao
  • Rahmat Rahmat
  • Randy Ruchti
  • Robert Cousins
  • Rudiger Voss
  • Saehanseul Oh
  • Samuel Meehan
  • Saptaparna Bhattacharya
  • Sarah Demers
  • Sau Lan WU
  • Senta Greene
  • Sheldon Stone
  • Si Xie
  • Soren Sorensen
  • Souvik Das
  • Sridhara Dasu
  • Stephane Cooperstein
  • Stephen Wasserman
  • Steve Nahn
  • Tapas Sarangi
  • Thomas LeCompte
  • Tiziano Camporesi
  • Usha Mallik
  • Wesley Smith
  • William Spalding
  • Yanjun Tu
  • Yasar Onel
  • Yi Chen
    • 5:00 PM 6:00 PM
      Executive Committee Meeting 4272, Chamberlin Hall (Department of Physics)

      4272, Chamberlin Hall

      Department of Physics

      1150 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706
      Convener: Prof. Harvey Newman (Caltech)
    • 6:00 PM 7:30 PM
      Welcome Reception 1h 30m 5294, Van Vleck Faculty Lounge (Chamberlin Hall)

      5294, Van Vleck Faculty Lounge

      Chamberlin Hall

      1150 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706
    • 9:00 AM 9:10 AM
      Welcome to Wisconsin 10m
      Speaker: Prof. Wesley Smith (U. Wisconsin)
    • 9:10 AM 9:40 AM
      USLUO Chair's Report 30m
      Speaker: Prof. Harvey Newman (Caltech)
    • 9:40 AM 10:10 AM
      Status and Outlook of the LHC 30m
      Speaker: Dr Massimo Giovannozzi (CERN)
    • 10:10 AM 10:35 AM
      LARP 25m
      Speaker: Giorgio Apollinari (Fermilab)
    • 10:35 AM 11:00 AM
      Coffee Break 25m
    • 11:00 AM 11:30 AM
      ATLAS Highlights and Outlook 30m
      Speaker: Prof. Beate Heinemann (UC Berkeley and LBNL)
    • 11:30 AM 12:00 PM
      CMS Highlights and Outlook 30m
      Speaker: Dr Tiziano Camporesi (CERN)
    • 12:00 PM 12:30 PM
      LHCb Highlights and Upgrades 30m
      Speaker: Prof. Sheldon Stone (Syracuse University)
    • 12:30 PM 1:30 PM
      Lunch 1h
    • 1:30 PM 2:00 PM
      ALICE Highlights and Upgrades 30m
      Speaker: Prof. Soren Sorensen (University of Tennessee)
    • 2:00 PM 2:25 PM
      CMS Upgrade Program 25m
      Speaker: Dr Jeff Spalding (Fermilab)
    • 2:25 PM 2:50 PM
      ATLAS Upgrade Program 25m
      Speaker: Prof. Sarah Demers (Yale)
    • 2:50 PM 3:50 PM
      Young Physicists Lightning Round
      Convener: Prof. Sridhara Dasu (University of Wisconsin)
      • 2:50 PM
        Measurement of the Z(nunu)Gamma cross section and searching for anomalous triple gauge coupling 10m
        Speaker: Ben Auerbach (Argonne)
      • 3:00 PM
        Charged particle production in pPb collisions 10m
        Speaker: Eric Appelt (Vanderbilt)
      • 3:10 PM
        Search for SUSY with Razor kinematic variable in 0-lepton channel 10m
        Speaker: Anton Kravchenko (U. South Carolina)
      • 3:20 PM
        LHCb Charm Mixing and CPV Measurements 10m
        Speaker: Adam Davis (Cincinnati)
      • 3:30 PM
        Search for W' decaying to top and bottom quarks in the hadronic final state 10m
        Speaker: Ho Ling Li (University of Chicago)
      • 3:40 PM
        Search for H-> WW at ATLAS 10m
        Speaker: Chris Lester (U. Penn)
    • 3:50 PM 4:15 PM
      Afternoon Break 25m
    • 4:15 PM 4:40 PM
      US-CERN Relations and the LHC Program 25m
      Speaker: Dr Ruediger Voss (CERN)
    • 4:40 PM 5:05 PM
      DOE Office of HEP Report 25m
      Speaker: Dr Abid Patwa (DOE OHEP)
    • 5:05 PM 5:30 PM
      NSF EPP Office Report 25m
      Speaker: Prof. Randy Ruchti (NSF/EPP)
    • 5:30 PM 5:55 PM
      DOE Office of Nuclear Physics Report 25m
      Speaker: Dr Jim Sowinski (DOE/NP)
    • 5:55 PM 6:30 PM
      The Physics Horizon 35m
      Speaker: Frank Petriello (Northwestern)
    • 7:00 PM 8:30 PM
      Conference Dinner (Pyle Center) 1h 30m

      Cocktails at 18:15, Dinner at 19:00

    • 8:30 AM 9:00 AM
      Introduction; 2013 Trip to Washington 30m
      Speaker: Prof. Harvey Newman (Caltech)
    • 9:00 AM 9:15 AM
      Report on NUFO Activities 15m
      Speaker: Stephen Wasserman (NUFO)
    • 9:15 AM 10:15 AM
      Young Physicists Lightning Round
      Convener: Prof. Sridhara Dasu (University of Wisconsin)
      • 9:15 AM
        Measurement of diboson production in the lnujj channel 10m
        Speaker: Brian Lindquist (SUNY-Stonybrook)
      • 9:25 AM
        Search for heavy neutral higgs boson of MSSM 10m
        Speaker: Isobel Ojalvo (University Wisconsin Madison)
      • 9:35 AM
        Measuring the Higgs boson property with the Higgs to 4-lepton final state 10m
        Speaker: Eleni Mountricha (BNL)
      • 9:45 AM
        Exciting results in Bc decays 10m
        Speaker: Nathan Jurik (Syracuse)
      • 9:55 AM
        Search for Higgs to invisible states 10m
        Speaker: Hideki Okawa (BNL)
      • 10:05 AM
        Rare Higgs Boson Decay to Muon Pairs 10m
        Speaker: Justin Hugon (University of Florida)
    • 10:15 AM 10:35 AM
      Coffee Break 20m
    • 10:35 AM 11:00 AM
      Supporting Young Physicists 25m
      Speaker: Prof. Usha Mallik (Iowa)
    • 11:00 AM 11:20 AM
      Advisory Committee of CERN Users 20m
      Speaker: Darin Acosta (Florida)
    • 11:20 AM 12:30 PM
      Young Physicists Lightning Round
      Convener: Prof. Sridhara Dasu (University of Wisconsin)
      • 11:20 AM
        Search for Vector-like Quarks with charge (-1/3 e) in final states with 3 or more leptons 10m
        Speaker: Christian Contreras Campana (Rutgers)
      • 11:30 AM
        Search for W' bosons that decay to top+bottom 10m
        Speaker: David Sperka (Boston)
      • 11:40 AM
        Measurement of spin correlations and top polarization in ttbar production 10m
        Speaker: Yanjun Tu (UCSD)
      • 11:50 AM
        Search for resonances in the semi-hadronic diboson channel 10m
        Speaker: Sam Meehan (Chicago)
      • 12:00 PM
        The CP violating semileptonic asymmetry in Bs decays 10m
        Speaker: Christos Hadjivasiliou (Syracuse)
      • 12:10 PM
        A search for prompt lepton-jets in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector 10m
        Speaker: Harisankar Namasivayam (UT-Dallas)
      • 12:20 PM
        Spin determination of a narrow resonance at 125 GeV with the two-photon decay channel at ATLAS 10m
        Speaker: Andrew Hard (Wisconsin)
    • 12:30 PM 1:30 PM
      Lunch 1h
    • 1:30 PM 2:30 PM
      Young Physicists Lightning Round
      Convener: Prof. Sridhara Dasu (University of Wisconsin)
      • 1:30 PM
        Inclusive search for a vector-like T quark by CMS 10m
        Speaker: Saptaparna Bhattacharya (Brown)
      • 1:40 PM
        Search for pair production of new physics resonances decaying to a top quark and jet in the dilepton decay channel 10m
        Speaker: Gala Nehameh Nicolas-Kaufman (Cornell)
      • 1:50 PM
        Measurement of the differential ttbar cross section in the dilepton channel at 8 TeV 10m
        Speaker: Tyler Mc Millan Dorland (DESY)
      • 2:00 PM
        Observation of Associated Production of a Single Top Quark and W Boson in pp Collisions at 8 TeV 10m
        Speaker: Daniel Noonan (Kansas)
      • 2:10 PM
        Higgs spin and parity measurements from CMS 10m
        Speaker: Yi Chen (Caltech)
      • 2:20 PM
        Two-particle correlations in pPb collisions with ALICE 10m
        Speaker: Saehanseul Oh (Yale)
    • 2:30 PM 3:00 PM
      Snowmass 2013 30m
      Speaker: Chip Brock (Michigan State)
    • 3:00 PM 3:30 PM
      Young Physicists’ View of Snowmass 30m
      Speaker: Jonathan Asaadi (Syracuse)
    • 3:30 PM 3:55 PM
      Where we go from here: the P5 Process 25m
      Speaker: Steve Ritz (UC Santa Cruz)
    • 3:55 PM 4:00 PM
      Lightning Round Winners Announcement 5m
      Speaker: Prof. Sridhara Dasu (University of Wisconsin)
    • 4:00 PM 4:30 PM
      AOB and Discussion 30m
    • 4:30 PM 4:45 PM
      Afternoon Break 15m